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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's better and Frustation and Insurance

The last couple of days have been better.  I have been testier than usual at least partially due to the rough weekend and the poor sleep that involved.  But that is easing, and with the exception of short patience with supposed co-worker who we shall call Seuss, it was a good day.

Seuss is an older man who is a retired teacher working part time at my company.  I have to give him step by step on how to do everything.  Then I end up checking most everything he does, since he has often made mistakes with it.  My biggest problem is his slow to minimal ability to pick up computer software things.  I know it is partially that I have always picked up programs quickly and with no or almost no instruction.  It just baffles me when he can't figure out what to click on.

My biggest point of concern/annoyance at the moment is that we can't afford for my mom to get the tests she needs.  We added her to my insurance this year as she is now my dependent.  But my insurance for "high-cost" tests which includes the cardiac test she needs has a $75 co-pay plus 20% of the cost of the test.  I mean what is the point of paying for insurance when you can't afford the co-pays.  In a little over two months non of this will be a problem as Dad will start getting Social Security.  But right now, two months seems a really long way away.  But you know, we've gone years, even decades, of our lives with no insurance, we can make it another two months.

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